Inteliver Documentation

This documentation enables you to integrate with inteliver easily and using inteliver you can apply machine learning and A.I. algorimths on your data on-the-fly.

Documentation Summary


    Chapter 1 Basics Apply A.I. and machine learning algorithms on your data on-the-fly.

    Getting Started

    Chapter 2 Getting Started Integrate with inteliver in less than a minute and use the power of A.I. to deliver tailored data to your customers.

    Image Management

    Chapter 3 Image Management Service Using inteliver image management service you can apply machine learning and image processing algorithms on your image resources on-the-fly.


    Chapter 4 Inteliver Libraries Inteliver tries to minimize the integration process using intuitive url modifier commands and by providing SDKs in different programming languages.


    Chapter 5 Image Management Examples This section is dedicated to examples of different selection and operation for image management service.

    API Reference

    Chapter 6 API Reference Complete API reference for image management service and each operatin and selection arguments. Inteliver API is in Beta Version.