Quick Start

Before You Start

Before you start using inteliver just signup and enable your data resources in the panel. You can both link your data resources to your account or use our storage service.

If you have not enabled inteliver for your data resources please go to Enable Inteliver.


Easy integration was considered from the begining development of inteliver. You can easily start using inteliver either by using our intuitive url modifiers or our SDKs.

After enabling endpoints for your data resources in our panel or using our storage, our servers will be able to act as a proxy between your clients and your data resources. Inteliver will deliver from cached tailored data or fetch data from your data resources modifty and apply requested changes and deliver tailored data to your customers.

The following diagram depicts the above explained pipeline.

sequenceDiagram participant Client participant Inteliver participant YourServers Client->>Inteliver: Request for data loop Inteliver caching Inteliver->Inteliver: Respond from cached data if available end Inteliver-->>Client: Cached data Inteliver->>YourServers: Forward Request YourServers-->>Inteliver: Requested data loop Inteliver A.I. Inteliver->Inteliver: Apply A.I. algorithms on data as requested end Inteliver-->>Client: Tailored data

Feel free to learn more about the Inteliver A.I. pipeline.

Intuitive URLs

Without any change in your codes, you can modify your image resources using our intuitive url modifiers. Learn more about intuitive urls.

SDK Integration

Inteliver tries to minimize the integration process by providing SDKs in different programming languages. Please visit our libraries section for integrating using an SDK.

DNS Integration

This feature will be available soon.

You can integrate with inteliver by only changing your DNS nameservers to ours and use our intuitive URL commands query system.