Query Commands

URL Query Commands

Inteliver uses intuitive url query commands to apply specefic operations on each data resource.

Using these query commands you can specify what changes you need to apply to your data or which operations should be applied on your data.

Inteliver delivers the data after processing the query commands and applying the algorithms.

Data Resource URL

Lets consider the following dara resource URL.


This data is stored using inteliver storage service. The cloudname in the above mentioned URL is inteliver. After joining inteliver you will have a cloudname which is available in the inteliver panel. You can use this cloudname to access your resources.

You can also use your own data storage after enabling your endpoint in inteliver panel.


URL Query Commands

Inteliver query commands are written between the cloudname and the path to the resource.

The mentioned data resource is the following picture.

Original Image

Lets say we want to set the focus on face i_c_face, and change the size of the image to a 200 by 200 pixels i_w_200,i_h_200 and crop it i_o_crop rounded i_o_rcrop and change the image format to png i_o_format_png.

The final URL with the above mentioned changes will be:


The result will be a rounded profile picture of the image with focus on face. All done with a minor url query commands change.

Profile Pircture

Feel free to change and exprience this url commands system in our playground.