Inteliver Node.js SDK

We are updating SDKs to be compatibale with our latest changes.


Please visit our Github page for more information.

Using our Node.js sdk you can upload, set configs and retrieve your data.


This python package is available at node package manager npm. simply run the following command to be able to use our nodejs API.

npm install nodeinteliver

You can also pull our repository and use the API without any requirements to install.

git pull

Inteliver Configs

After registering in Inteliver you will have a cloud-name and token. This pair will be used to authenticate you for uploading data or using intelligent service. To set this in your code simply:

jsi = require("./nodeinteliver")
config = new jsi.InteliverConfig(cloudname=your-cloudname, token=your-token)


To upload your data first set your config object. Then use the following lines:

jsi = require("./nodeinteliver")
iu = new jsi.Uploader(config)
file_key = iu.upload('your-image.jpg')

If uploaded successfully you will receive a json file with following format. {'success': True, 'message': 'Successfully uploaded.', 'resource_key': key}

resource_key is a unique key which able you to receive your data later.

Retrieve Data

Using InteliverRetrieve class you can build the URL of the data you need to get from Inteliver. Some of our on-the-fly features for manipulating images are as follow: > - Resize > - Blur > - Crop > - Rotate > - Flip > - Sharpen >- Change image format >- Grayscale >- Pixalate >- Face focus

You can find out more at Inteliver Examples. To retrieve your data first set your config object.

jsi = require("./nodeinteliver")
config = new jsi.InteliverConfig(cloudname=your-cloudname, token=your-token)

Note: - Note that for retrieving data you only need your cloudname to be set.

After setting your config object, build an InteliverRetrieve object.

rt = new jsi.InteliverRetrieve(config)

All the manuplation are sequentional. for example lets say you want to select the main face in picture resize it to 200 and 200 and keep the original ratio and to crop the image in a rounded shape and change the format to png and build the url. let say your resource image is this one:

original image

    rt.select_face()'height', 200)'width', 200)
    url_to_get = rt.build_url(your_resource_key)

This will build a url like this:,i_w_200,i_h_200,i_o_crop,i_o_rcrop,i_o_format_png/resourcekey.jpg

The image you receive after manipulation is :

Manipulated image